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Diwali Rangoli 2012

I always wanted to be good at craft and art like my sister but i wasn’t. I am not sure if i am right now or not but i enjoy creating new stuff for my baby and home. In Year 2012, i have tried my hands on rangoli with flowers as i know its easier than the coloured rangoli

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Ganpati Decoration 2016

In year 2016,  i wanted to keep the decoration quite simple therefore i have used ribbons (i have not used on my daughter’s first birthday) for decoration and we bought bigger murti (Idol) of Ganpati. it turned out to be just fine.

Decoration with Ganapati Murti
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Ganpati Decoration 2013

Every new beginning offers a chance to bring your deepest desires to life and here i am starting my crafty blog with decoration i did in 2013 for Ganesh Utsav (Ganpati Decoration), who is also known as God of new beginning. After marriage, in my new home, my family religiously celebrates Ganesh utsav for full 10 days and i contributed by decorating the place for the first time.

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I have used below items in decoration and it turned out to be satisfying.

  • Thermocol
  • Red cloth
  • Glitter
  • Colour
  • wires
  • beads
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Decoration with Ganpati Murti